File Sharing Services

InfoSoda offers several file sharing options, based on the needs of your business.


Need an internal file sharing site? The most common Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions include SharePoint. SharePoint via Office 365 allows secure access to your data from anywhere, and can be set up with permissions to further secure data according to the structuring of your business.


OneDrive is a more personal approach to data protection, and is also included in the most popular Office 365 subscriptions. A common application of OneDrive is to protect user data on laptops by redirecting their local information to their OneDrive accoount.


Need a more robust way to shares files with customers? Allow us to implement your own HIPAA compliant file sharing solution with NextCloud implemented by InfoSoda. We will design and help you host your own file sharing solution, with no fear of your information being overseen by the big cloud providers. Storage costs are competitive, with costs based on the hosting infrastructure required to host the solution, not the quantity of users needing access.